7 Tips For Better SEO Ranking Online

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique or a process that helps your  website rank higher in organic search results by making your website more visible to your customers who are looking for your services and products in the search engine. 

To understand  SEO, you have to know about how search engines work and how it provides you best results on search engines.

Entrepreneur and advisor,  Alan safahi, suggest some points for better SEO ranking

1. URL structure – The actual structure of your website can have an impact on the search engine’s ability to index and understand your website’s content. Alan Safahi believes that it is very necessary to choose a good URL structure for ranking your website.

2. Internal linking-  Internal links are the main navigation links that go from one page on your site to another page on the same site.  Internal Links establish information hierarchy for your website and enable your customers to navigate your site, They also spread ranking power around your site. 

Therefore, when creating content for your website on your blog or on specific webpages, you may want to reference other pages on your website.  

3. Pictures/Images- When a picture or image is inserted on your website, the picture’s file name actually lives in your website’s source code so it should be chosen thoughtfully. When search engines scan the website’s code, using a filename that describes the picture (i.e. Alt Tag) will help with your website’s ranking enormously.

4. Backlinks- A backlink (a.k.a. “incoming link” or “inbound link”) is a link created when one website links to your website. Backlinks are an important part of your Off-Page SEO strategy. They signal to the search engines that other websites (preferably of higher authority) believe your contents are important and relevant enough to espoe to their own customers, thus they increase your Domain Authority and Page Authority. There are many types of backlinks used in Off Page SEO components and earning these backlinks (i.e. Link earning) forms an important foundation of your SEO strategy.  Some backlinks are free and for some backlinks you will have to pay.  The easiest way to do this is to look at your competitor’s website that is ranking well for your targeted keywords and tabulate a list of websites that they are backlinks-to! 

5. Content on your website – contents are very important to any website, without your good content your website will take a long time to grow on search engine result pages, if at all.  A good content will always increase visibility on your website and attract customers and other visitors, which in turn increases your website traffic, hence authority.

6. Who is linking to you – It is important to know who is linking to because not every link is good for your website. You can use free tools like Link Explorer to determine what websites are already linking to you.  

7. Spread Content – The best SEO advisors, suggests Alan Safahi Orinda CA, use  social media (like facebook, instagram, LinkedIn, et.c) extensively to spread content. The amount of social activity that a webpage has on social networks (shares, likes, comment) is an important factor in that page’s eligibility to rank on Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Using emails to spate content will also help bring more people to your website and increase your website visibility thus pushing your website toward first page positioning on the SERP.


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