Backlink Techniques and How They Work


Backlinks are links to another website, web page, or web directory and are a critical part of any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, also referred to as Off-Page SEO.

Backlinks are created when we want to link our website into another website; they are also known as inbound links, incoming links and inward links.

Backlinks play a different role between two web pages. It is used to link your website to an external page. If any website gets a backlink from a highly ranked and good quality website then the webpage also transfers the authority from the weak web page. Thus, getting backlinks from a webpage with high traffic will refer some of that traffic to the low quality page.

Why are links so important?

Inbound links are one of the most important factors for getting a high keyword ranking. Outbound links to quality and pertinent sites are important as long as they add value to the site visitor’s experience. “It is not the quantity of links but the quality of those links that are very important” according to Alan Safahi, payment executive, entrepreneur and startup founder.

As a world renowned SEO Adviser, Alan Safahi provides the following backlinks techniques that shed light on the subject of Off-Page SEO:

Spread Content – Using social media properties like Facebook, instagram, LinkedIn, to spread contents is the most effective way to increase exposure for the web site.

The amount of social activity that a webpage has on social networks (shares, likes, comment) is that important factor in that page’s eligibility to rank on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Additionally, using email to spread content will also help bring more people to your website and increase your website’s visibility, pushing your listing to the top of the SERP.

Manually Built Links: – This is type link building in which you create links by contacting “influencers” and approaching them to promote your website and related content in their profile. This process of manually building links is an effective technique for getting additional links and customers to your website.

Self-Created Links: Alan Safahi explains that self-created links are techniques usually reserved for the most experienced SEO experts and require a great deal of practicing. In this technique, you register your website in directory submissions, forum submissions, blog submissions, guest posting and classified submissions.

In this technique you will use Anchor Text (clickable text in a hyperlink) which is relevant for both your internal links and your incoming external links.

Alan Safahi highly recommends that you use relevant text to the page you are linking to in your anchor text rather than generic text.

“Two way” or “Reciprocal” link building used to be a part of self-created link strategy. Under this type of link building, two similar websites would exchange links with each other. The concept was simple: “you point to me and I point to you”. This method has become outdated and no longer is pursued up by most SEO experts.


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